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Marketing Central is a unique blend of highly skilled individuals who operate in a consulting model helping companies with their strategic marketing plans and initiatives. As the founder Peter has led assignments for local and multi national companies in their quest to capitalise on the ever expanding market that is Asia Pacific. Whether it be full go to market and Asia Pacific marketing strategies or simply an extra pair of hands, we aim to cover your full marketing needs. Our key obective is to help you GROW.


Pete Wilson
Founder and Principal

It's all about business outcomes, bottom line it's about GROWTH.

Peter Wilson is a senior international marketeer specialised in the penetration and building of market share as well as sustainable earnings for the majors across Asia Pacific & Japan. Having over 34 years experience working with some of the largest IT brands in the world, Peter brings a wealth of marketing talent to the table

Experienced in senior management whilst developing unique models to meet regional requirements in sales, operations and marketing. Delivered by building sales, alliances and distribution networks utilising co-operative models and target marketing for both the emerging and mature markets. 

Highly effective in the use of the entire sales, marketing and alliance mix whilst leveraging partners, PR intertwined with brand, and direct marketing to achieve the desired result. A heavy use of leading edge E-Marketing being driven through complex CRM databases for effective targeted measureable revenue conversion. 


Let Marketing Central unleash the power of Pete and his team into your organisation and watch it GROW.


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